Positive Parenting


Coming together is a beginning:
Keeping together is progress:
Working together is success.

Dear Parents,

As the saying rightly quotes, we take this opportunity to acknowledge each and every one individually who have been part in making ICF Vidyaniketan. We place a huge value on student's overall development along with core subject knowledge personal and social development activities are placed in our curriculum at various levels. We look forward your continuous support and co-operation for your ward’s overall development. Please go through the following to get the best out of your word.


  • Your ward should be regular and punctual, should be in school by 8.05am. Students must be inside the campus by beyond the time 8.15 am, the gate will be locked.
  • Avoid taking your ward in between school hours.
  • Diary to be checked and signed every day.
  • School bags should be packed everyday with books and stationery according to the time table.
  • Monitor studies and test performance regularly.


  • Ensure that your ward wakes up early in the morning.
  • Encourage good habits of cleanliness, Morning Prayer, wishing parents and getting blessings from them.
  • Healthy home food and outside food.
  • Breakfast should be compulsorily given.
  • Send sufficient water and snacks with hand towel and spoon.
  • Groom your ward in proper and clean uniform, shoes and socks.
  • Hair should be neatly combed (short and decent hair cut).
  • Nails should be cut regularly and kept clean.


All the parents are requested to follow the given snacks schedule:

  • Monday - Fruits like Apple, Banana, etc.

  • Tuesday - Sprouts

  • Wednesday - Salads (fruits and Vegetables)

  • Thursday - Sundal (channa, karamani, beans, green grams)

  • Friday - Nuts (Badam, Cashew, Dates)