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The ICF Vidyaniketan is a co-educational CBSE school. It is run by a committee of management known as the “ICF Schools Managing Committee”. The main objective is to provide a holistic education encompassing the development of all domains of the students. The teaching technique implemented is student friendly and highly competitive. The system of monitoring each and every student at various levels ensures the complete exploration of potential within the child. The ICF Vidyaniketan bloomed in the year 2018. The school is recognized by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The academic environment of the school is inspiring and motivating.


To develop a well-balanced personality groomed with values and knowledge to compete with the global challenges.


S.No Staff Name Qualification Designation
1. Mrs.R.Kanchanamala M.A.,M.Ed Mentor
2. Mrs.K.Muthu Dhanalakshmi M.Sc.,B.Ed(Physics) Prinicipal In-Charge
3. Mrs.N.Vandana B.Sc.,M.Ed(Mathematics) Teacher
4. Mrs.S.Nithya M.Sc.,B.Ed(Comp.Science) Teacher
5. Mrs.P.Mahalakshmi M.A.,B.Ed(English) Teacher
6. Mrs.J.S Sangeetha B.Sc.,B.Ed(Physics) Teacher
7. Mrs.A.Shana D.TEd.,B.Sc(Mathematics) Teacher
8. Mrs.J.Jhansi Deborah M.A.,B.Ed.,(English) Teacher
9. Mrs.J.Rajalakshmi M.A.,B.Ed(Tamil) Teacher
10. Mrs.K.Kalpana Devi B.A.,B.Ed(Tamil) Teacher
11. Mrs.P.Basanthi M.A.,B.Ed(Hindi/English) Teacher
12. Mrs.R.Supriya M.Sc.,B.Ed(Geography) Teacher
13. Mrs.K.Neelaveni B.A.,(Hindi/Craft) Teacher
14. Mrs.S.Lavanya B.F.A(Fine Arts) Teacher
15. Mrs.K.Eswari B.Sc.,M.C.A.,B.Ed.(Maths) Teacher
16. Mrs.G.Mythili M.Sc.,B.Ed.(Zoology) Teacher
17. Mrs.R.Punnitavathi M.A.,B.Ed.(Hindi) Teacher
18. Mrs.K.Subhashree B.Ped(P.ET) Teacher
19. Mrs.Kamali Mories M.Sc.,B.Ed Teacher